There are literally tens of thousands of fat burner pills out on the marketplace today. Many of them are either dangerous or just don’t work at all. So what’s the magic bullet for fat loss today? Have you ever been caught disappointed by fat burner pills because they didn’t live up to their hype? If you have ever been caught in the hype and bought these based on the emotions you felt when reading the ad then you aren’t alone. The fat burning industry has become huge and with it there are more people than ever that would be glad to take your money.

What Should You Stay Away From?

Many of the choices out there are loaded with stimulants. They may contain high doses of caffeine, sulbutamine, Ephedra, and yohimbine. These ingredients do have an effect on fat loss but more on the short term and they will risk your health and make you feel not so good. Typically they will start off by suppressing your appetite which is why you lose weight in the beginning but this effect can be too strong and you won’t eat enough. This will lead to a damaged metabolism and when you go off the pills and eat normal again you will gain the weight back twice as fast. These pills also increase blood pressure and can make you feel jittery from the high amounts of stimulants.

Fat Burners That Work for You

There are many different things that actually promote health and a healthy metabolism. To name a few fat burner pills that can assist in your goals I would recommend green tea, acetyl l-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, and fish oil. You can probably find something with everything combined except for the fish oil. Fish oil comes in capsules and typically must be taken separately. Green tea is powerful antioxidant that is great for your health and increases metabolism. Alpha lipoic acid is another strong antioxidant and has a positive effect on blood sugar helping keep your blood sugar low so that you stay in more of a fat metabolization mode while acetyl l-carnitine actually transports fat to the mitochondria for energy. Fish oil binds to your cells that promote and turn on your fat burning genes and has an abundance of healthy advantages. This creates a true fat burning environment in your body without harsh chemicals or stimulants.

Taken together these fat burner pills can promote great health, a speedier metabolism, and watch fat burn off consistently. These supplements can be taken long term for health and fitness. Many versions of green tea contain caffeine so if you are sensitive to caffeine you can buy versions that are caffeine free but read the labels to find that specific type. My green tea contains just enough caffeine to help get me going in the morning and I can skip my morning cup of coffee.

Incorporating these fat burner pills into a health and fitness plan can safely assist you in your fat loss goals. Just remember that they can only assist you. It’s still up to you to follow a healthy nutritional program and exercise plan.

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