Many people don’t know about pro-anabolics and how they can help with lean mass gain. Bodybuilders and weight lifters are all after the same one thing. That is, a lean hard body. Getting these serious results is definitely not an easy task. There is so much to a human body that it is very difficult to decide what works. For some, it seems easy and no one really knows if it is their genetics, pro hormones, pro steroids, or even illegal steroids.

One thing that has come from the Eastern Europeans is pro-anabolic agents. Until recently, these agents were a huge secret, only being used by Communist athletes. When Communism began to fall, the secrets started coming out. One compound turned out to be Ecdysterone – a very powerful pro-anabolic. Some of the newly found data regarding this pro-hormone show that athletes who took large doses of the Ecdysterone made extreme gains in muscle size, endurance, and strength.

So, is this Ecdysterone and other pro-anabolics the missing link to real muscle growth? Researchers found that actually protein synthesis and anti-catabolic activities is what really helps build lean muscle mass. When the two work together, you can get phenomenal results. Anti-catabolism is the halting of cellular breakdown in the body. Doing this makes it easier to build new muscle mass. Protein synthesis is the process in which cells build protein. Obviously, if you can find a way to combine these two processes, halting the breakdown of protein cells and building more protein cells, you have a better chance of building lean muscles. There are three ingredients that play a huge part in these processes. They are the Ecdysterone we talked about earlier, Methoxy, and Ipriflabone. These three make a pro-anabolic that is used for maximizing muscle building, faster recovery and significant gains in lean muscle mass.

There are other pro-anabolics as well. One of these is a Spirostane compound. It also increases the protein synthesis rate within the cells. Another compound is made with Spirosten. This one supports optimal gains in both mass and strength. It limits the amounts of estrogen in the cells but allows only the amount needed to feed the protein synthesis. A third ingredient works with pro-anabolics and is an herbal extract that enhances libido and is a nerve stimulant. It is called Ptychopetalum Olacoide. It is combined with the pro-anabolics to intensify training.

There are 5 quick and simple ways to jump start the process of anabolism and get you on your way to lean muscle mass. The first tip is to emphasize the negative. When working out, you want to overload muscles in the negative phase. This is when the muscles are stretched and lengthened, not contracted. Eating fish that contain higher amounts of fat and omega 3 fatty acids make muscles more sensitive to insulin and fuel glycogen storage and amino acid entry into the muscles. Increasing sodium can actually help as well as discontinuing any aerobic exercise which interferes with gaining muscle mass. The fifth way is to do some tough power lifting. The equation is: more strength equals more tension on the muscle equals more growth. The harder you lift with more weight, the more growth you’ll get. Also, don’t forget to rest! Your body does need that too.

Using these simple ways to kick start anabolism and using pro-anabolics can really help you gain the lean muscle mass you want. Bad Ass Mass by ALR is a pro-anabolic that is designed to support this serious lean mass gain and can help you get that lead, rock-hard body you’ve always wanted.

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